Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Cana Ireland, our work and ethos. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, contact us here.

Questions – Cana in general
  1. Is Cana for committed Christians only?
    The Cana experience is based on the Christian Gospel. Anyone who is open to that message and is willing to engage honestly with it, is welcome to attend.
Questions – Cana Week
  1. What if we cannot afford to attend the Cana Week?
    The Cana programme is a non profit undertaking and costs are shared by all, including the volunteers. Cana do not want any couple who feel drawn to participate in a Cana Week to stay away because of financial restraints. Everyone who participates, including the volunteers who support the Cana Week experience, are asked to discern what they feel they can afford and to contribute accordingly. The suggested contribution is €600 – €700 per couple and €700 – €800 per family for the week, payable at the end of the week. If you have concerns in this area, you are welcome to discuss them with us, your confidentiality will be respected.
  2. Is the Cana Week for married couples only? 
    Any couple who are fully and permanently committed to each other and who are open to the spiritual content of the programme are welcome.
  3. What happens after the Cana Week? 
    After taking part in a Cana Week, couples who wish to, can join a Cana fraternity for ongoing friendship, prayer and support. The Cana fraternity provides an opportunity for each couple to deepen and consolidate the experience of the Cana week and to grow through praying and sharing with other couples. Those who wish to be part of a Cana fraternity make an annual renewable commitment to attend a monthly fraternity meeting, two weekends and one week of training. This is totally optional.

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